Smith College Defined Contribution Plan

Smith College Defined Contribution Plan

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There is no way to predict the markets. While any fluctuation may tempt you to make a hasty decision, think about staying the course and keeping a well-balanced and diversified portfolio that accommodates your risk tolerance and savings goals. Saving for retirement involves investing for the long-term. Voya is closely monitoring the volatility in the market and providing valuable analysis and insights. Visit our blog to learn more.

Every year, the IRS announces the latest contribution limits for retirement savings accounts (including employer-sponsored plans and IRAs) and Health Savings and Spending Accounts. This online overview can show how much of your taxable income you can potentially save for retirement.

You can now request to change the amount of your voluntary contribution online. It’s easy and convenient! Visit the Smith Portal .

  • Choose the Benefits application
  • Within the Change box, click on Benefits
  • Under Benefit Event Type, select Change Retirement Savings - Pre-tax or Roth (voluntary change)
  • For the Benefits Event Date, type in today’s date
  • Scroll to the bottom, and click Submit
  • Click on the Open button
  • Enter your elections, and click on Continue
  • Review your elections, scroll down beneath Electronic Signature, and click the I Agree box
  • Click Submit
  • Click on the pay date you wish to view
  • To view, print or save a PDF version of this pay event, select the Printer Friendly button at the bottom

People love variety, which is why you find so many things in so many colors and tastes. But choosing a variety of investments for your retirement plan doesn't come as naturally, which is why learning about it is so important.

Schedule an on-campus appointment with your local Voya Financial® representative Matt O-Brien,* CFP, for help enrolling in the Plan, choosing an investment strategy, and retirement planning. Call 617-910-6446 or view more information

* Investment adviser representative and registered representative of, and securities and advisory services offered through, Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (member SIPC)